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Australia tour Packages From India

Embark on a memorable journey with our Australia tour packages from India, tailored to offer an enriching experience in the land of stunning landscapes and vibrant cities. That means that our Australia tour packages From India are cut to every individual’s unique interest or passion so that every traveler is guaranteed an exciting experience.

Relax and wind down while on the Australia honeymoon package, which we offer to newlyweds for a memorable experience. Ponder over the Idylic White Sand Beaches of the Whitsunday Islands, the clear blue water of the Great Barrier Reef, or a candle lit dinner by the shores of Sydney Harbour overlooking the Sydney Opera House. Every schedule is designed individually to create the right combination of excitement and leisure, the right amount of passion, and fire. Melbourne remains a vibrant hub of artistic energy; the wine in Yarra Valley is some of the best in the world; and Outback is a captivating desert landscape. Wildlife lovers will be thrilled with encounters at Kangaroo Island and Phillip Island, where Australia’s unique fauna, including kangaroos and koalas, can be observed in their natural habitat.

Our Australia tour packages from India also offer seamless travel experiences, with carefully planned accommodations, guided tours, and local insights. Whether you wish to take a leisurely drive along the Great Ocean Road, witness the vibrant coral life in the Great Barrier Reef, or delve into the rich cultural tapestry of indigenous communities, our Australia tour packages From India ensure a hassle-free and immersive experience.Book your Australia honeymoon package or any of our Australia tour packages from India today and discover the magic and allure of this incredible continent. Let us take care of the details while you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Discover Romance Down Under: Australia Honeymoon Packages From India

Experience an unforgettable romantic escape with our Australia honeymoon packages from India. These carefully planned Australia tour packages From India provide nothing short of a fairy-tale experience of excitement, comfort, and beautiful solitude for both the spouses.

Your tour starts with a remarkable arrival in the country and a snorkel through the colorful coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef. Stroll side by side as the sun sets over the city, dine under fairy lights by the bridge and sail past the Opera House. For that wilderness experience, the magical and beautiful Daintree Rainforest is just a few hours away or the spectacular Blue Mountains.

Our Australia tour packages From India ensure you get to taste the best of Australia accommodation services, which includes, beach side resorts and country lodges. Savor delicious meals, arrange separate tours and enjoy the honeymoon that will be quite memorable for the couple.Book your dream Australia honeymoon package from India today and create timeless memories in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Explore the Wonders Down Under: Australia Holiday Packages From India

Discover the magic of Australia with our exclusive Australia holiday packages from India. Depending on your personal preference which could be for hiking or exciting adventure, beautiful scenery or lively cities, our list of destinations ensures that everyone gets exactly what they want.

Begin in Sydney where its Opera House and Harbour Bridge offer that first wonder. Explore the gorgeous landscapes of the Great Dividing Range which provides visitors with a taste of snorkeling and scuba diving in the marine world. For nature loving people the Great Ocean Road will not only give the scenic look of the coast, but also the Twelve Apostles.

Our Australia holiday packages from India include comfortable accommodations, guided tours, and convenient travel arrangements, ensuring a hassle-free vacation. Relax on one of Melbourne’s multicultural sites, taste internationally acclaimed wines in the Barossa Valley region or admire the toughness of the Outback territory.Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Australia tour packages From India, and create cherished memories in this stunning continent. Book your trip today and let the journey begin.

Unveil the Beauty of the Land Down Under: Australia Travel Packages From India

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our Australia travel packages from India, designed to showcase the diverse beauty and excitement of this captivating continent. If you are an adventure freak, a wildlife fanatic, or a cultural lover, then only you will find that our packages satisfy the needs of each one of you.

Start your touring in Sydney, where one can visit the Opera House and bridge that is a symbol of Australia. Explore the beauty of Australia’s tropical sea, the Great Barrier Reef, or choose the scenic tour along the roads of the Twelve Apostles. For more special sightseeing, visit this extraordinary scenery of Uluru and get yourself familiarized with Aboriginal tradition, we offer tour Australia tour packages From India and holiday deals to Australia from India with finely chiseled accommodation, sightseeing options, and well-planned travel itinerary. Go out to appreciate the vibrant artistic productions of Melbourne, relax on the peaceful shores of Gold Coast or get up close with the wildlife of Kangaroo Island. Plan your Australia tour packages From India now and explore the beauty of this amazing location for as much as you can.

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey: Australia Trip Packages From India

Discover the allure of the Land Down Under with our Australia trip packages from India. Our Australia tour packages From India are ready-made for any travelers; whether it is an adventure seeking traveler, a leisure traveler, or even a culture-vulture. Begin your tour in Sydney – the colorful city that encompasses the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the famous Bondi Beach. Swim in the clear and beautiful water of the Great Barrier Reef, see its amazing underwater inhabitants. Take a car drive on a great ocean road with a view of the beautiful coast and twelve apostles.

Australia Tour Packages from India offered with affordable and best suitable accommodation along with professional guide and smooth conveyance services. Different yourself in Melbourne as a cosmopolitan city, taste maximum food varieties in Melbourne and enjoy tasting wines in Yarra Valley. Don’t miss the unique wildlife encounters at Kangaroo Island and the rich indigenous heritage at Uluru.

Book your Australia trip package from India today and embark on a journey filled with unforgettable experiences and breathtaking landscapes.

Why you should Book Australia tour packages From India with Viz Travels

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Viz Travels’ Australia tour packages from India, designed to offer the best value and exceptional experiences. Our Australia tour packages From India come with a Best Price Guarantee, ensuring you get the most competitive rates. Enjoy the convenience of EMI options for easy payment plans, and choose from our customized packages tailored to your preferences.

Booking Australia tour packages From India with Viz Travels is seamless and hassle-free, backed by our team of destination experts and local experts who provide insider knowledge for a richer travel experience. Our on-trip experts ensure every detail is taken care of, allowing you to focus on creating memorable experiences. We take pride in our positive reviews from satisfied travelers and offer 24/7 support for peace of mind throughout your journey.

Choose Viz Travels for your Australia tourism packages and explore the wonders of Down Under with confidence and ease.

Best time to visit Australia From India

Planning your trip to the Land Down Under? The best time to visit Australia from India depends on what you want to experience. For pleasant weather and vibrant events, visit during the Australian spring (September to November) or autumn (March to May). These seasons offer mild temperatures, perfect for exploring iconic cities like Sydney and Melbourne or venturing into the Great Barrier Reef.For budget-conscious travelers, the cheapest time to go to Australia is during the Australian winter (June to August). The climate is rather cold, especially in southern areas, but it’s great for searching for cheap flight tickets and rooms to rent. It is also a good time to visit the tropical north and don’t want to deal with the wet season.

Whether you are worried about finding how to get to nice sandy beaches, cultural celebrations, or calm scenery, planning your timing can improve your Australia trip and save you money.

How To Reach Australia From India

Traveling to Australia from India is a straightforward process, with several options available to suit different preferences and budgets. The most convenient way is by air, with numerous airlines offering direct and connecting flights from major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai to key Australian destinations like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Direct flights, offered by airlines like Air India, Qantas, and Vistara, typically take around 12-14 hours, providing a quick and comfortable journey. Alternatively, connecting flights via hubs like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Dubai are available, often with competitive pricing and the added opportunity for a layover tour in these vibrant cities.

Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from your date of entry and apply for an Australian visa, which can be done online. With proper planning and preparation, reaching Australia from India can be a seamless and enjoyable experience, paving the way for an unforgettable adventure in the Land Down Under. So what are you waiting for? Book your Australia tour packages From India today!

Best Place To Visit In Australia Tour

Australia is a treasure trove of diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and unique wildlife, making it a top destination for travelers. When exploring Australia tourism places, you’ll find something for every interest. Sydney is one of the most visited cities due to its unique architectural touch where one can go to the Opera House or cross the Harbour Bridge. Melbourne, known for theatres and arts, and various districts, is an excellent example of a modern large city.

Lovers of nature will find interest in the Great Barrier Reef, one of the most remarkable natural sites that tourists should not miss in Australia due to the beautiful scenic view of marine life and snorkeling. The major attraction along the Great Ocean Road is the scenic coastal drives and the breathtaking twelve apostles pillar rocks. If you are on the frontier in adapting Outback, make a visit to Uluru to embrace the sacred site and red deserts. From the unique flora of the Daintree rainforest to the stunning beauty of the Whitsunday Islands, Australia offers vibrant and incredible experiences at every turn. We have listed down the top 10 Best Places in Australia to visit:


Sydney, Australia’s glamorous harbor city, is a magnet for tourists with its iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Beyond its architectural marvels, Sydney offers a dynamic blend of cultural diversity, showcased in neighborhoods like Chinatown and vibrant events such as the Sydney Festival. Bondi Beach is a hotspot for surfers and sun-seekers alike, while the Royal Botanic Garden provides a serene escape amidst the urban hustle. Shopping enthusiasts flock to Pitt Street Mall and The Rocks markets for unique finds and local crafts. Sydney’s dining scene is equally diverse, from waterfront seafood restaurants at Darling Harbour to trendy eateries in Surry Hills. Boasting beautiful landscapes, a history steeped in Aboriginal culture, and modern city experiences, Sydney is still one of the best visiting places in Australia, no matter the season.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a massive coral reef system located off the northeastern coast of Australia that runs for over 2,300 km, and is a major attraction for divers and snorkelers. The latter is another popular UNESCO World Heritage site that provides a haven for a multitude of marine creatures such as the coral garden, tropical fish and sea turtles. Besides having the opportunity to view a variety of ecosystems, guests can also experience the reef through tours, aerial sightseeing, and under water. Cairns and Port Douglas are available as favorite starting points for the reef, which allow for luxury accommodation, ecological encounters, and experiencing the process of marine protection. Whether you’re exploring coral gardens in the outer reef or relaxing on pristine islands like the Whitsundays, the Great Barrier Reef promises unparalleled beauty and biodiversity, making it one of the most famous places in Australia to visit.


Melbourne is the culture and arts capital of Australia; this city spoils its guests with fine dining and beautiful architecture from the Victorian era. Every now and then there are lanes painted with graffiti or filled with nice looking cafes that are worth checking out. Federation Square also provides setting for big events as well as the exhibitions whereas Melbourne Cricket Ground gives those interested in the sporting activities a glimpse of the history of sporting in Australia. Foodies flock to Queen Victoria Market for fresh produce and gourmet treats, and coffee aficionados can indulge in Melbourne’s renowned cafe culture. Other nearby attractions include the wine-producing region of Yarra Valley and the more laid-back Mornington Peninsula, both famous for their picturesque vineyards and bays, respectively, that can be visited on a day trip. Melbourne boasts festivals such as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fashion Week among others, and there is always a festival going on which makes this one of the best places to visit in Australia.


Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a sacred site in Australia’s Red Centre, revered by the Anangu Aboriginal people for its cultural significance and natural beauty. This enormous sandstone structure stands majestically amidst the barren scrubland and is an inspiring sight to behold when painted in pink and orange hues during the dawn and dusk. Tours are available which allow access to the base of Uluru and within these walks, information on Dreamtime and the culture of the Aborigines is imparted. Less than 50 km away at Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) there are fascinating formations of rock and short rewarding hikes through rough country. Apart from rock climbing the cultural sites of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, visitors in the park can enjoy view the stars, watch birds, and experience the vastness of the wilderness. The spirituality of the place and the beauty of the views make Uluru one of the most effective destinations for a cultural experience and a tourist attraction in Australia.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road which is regarded as the best Tour places in Australia, winding along Victoria’s southwest coast, is renowned for its dramatic scenery and iconic landmarks. Tourists can witness the Twelve Apostles- limestone stacks situated off the cliffs that rise majestically from the sea. It has sights like the Southern Ocean, the cliff-top views, beautiful beaches, and the damp temperate forests of the Great Otway National Park. The other attractions depicted by Port Campbell National Park include Loch Ard Gorge as well as London Arch. Surfing enthusiasts can catch waves at Bells Beach, while wildlife lovers can spot koalas and native birds in their natural habitat. The Great Ocean Road of Australia, its road’s scenic view, and the variety of sights to be seen make the route must include for any traveler who is in search of experiences that come with great memories and beautiful sceneries and among the best tourism places in Australia.


Tasmania, Australia’s island state, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Its pristine wilderness, including UNESCO World Heritage-listed wilderness areas like the Tasmanian Wilderness and Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, offers unparalleled hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing opportunities. Visitors can explore the convict history at Port Arthur Historic Site, cruise along the Gordon River, and visit the vibrant city of Hobart with its historic Salamanca Place and renowned Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). Tasmania’s rugged coastline, including Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park, is perfect for beachcombing and exploring secluded coves. Tasmania holds a diverse biological and geological system, largely unspoiled geography and history, making it perhaps the most popular tourist Attraction in Australia.

Cairns and the Daintree Rainforest

Cairns, located in tropical North Queensland, is a gateway to two UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest and among the most famous places in Australia. The reef’s waters are ideal for snorkelling or diving and one can witness large coral gardens and colourful marine life. For example, the world’s oldest rainforest of Daintree can be explored as eco-tours with thick jungle, ferns, and clear rivers. It has a vibrant Waterfront precinct in Cairns called the Cairns Esplanade which hosts additional markets, eateries, and Cairns Aquarium with a variety of marine ecosystems. There are two railways available in Kuranda these include Kuranda Scenic Railway and Skyrail Rainforest Cableway where people are able to get views of the rainforest and the Barron Gorge National Park. Eco-tourism in the region is well complemented by versatile Cairns and the Daintree Rainforest, with a great number of entertainments and thrilling activities in Australia.


Perth, located on Australia’s west coast along the banks of the Swan River, is a vibrant city known for its sunny climate, pristine beaches, and relaxed lifestyle. Visitors can explore Kings Park and Botanic Garden, offering sweeping views of the city skyline and Swan River. Perth’s cultural scene thrives in Northbridge, with art galleries, street art, and cultural festivals like Fringe World Festival. Fremantle, Perth’s port city, charms with historic architecture, Fremantle Markets, and Fremantle Prison tours. Just a short ferry ride away, Rottnest Island beckons with secluded beaches and opportunities to meet the friendly quokkas. Tasting of fine wines with gourmet food trails in Swan Valley is among the activities for tourists as it is among the best tourism places in Australia. Outdoor activities and tourism in general are one of the main tourist activities in Perth as seen from the above highlights.

Adelaide and the Barossa Valley

Adelaide, South Australia’s cosmopolitan capital, entices visitors with its elegant architecture, lush parklands, and cultural festivals. The Adelaide Oval offers tours and sports events, while Adelaide Central Market showcases local produce and multicultural cuisine. Nearby Glenelg Beach provides seaside fun and dolphin cruises, while Adelaide Hills offers picturesque towns and cellar doors. Barossa Valley region is just one hour’s drive from Adelaide and it is Australia’s most famous wine-making region with many old vineyards, quality restaurants and beautiful scenery. As for the wine and fine dining; people can explore wine tasting tours with quality Shiraz and other specialities available regionally. Barossa Valley and Adelaide is one of the most popular and diverse tourist destinations in Australia due to rich culture, historical background and mouthwatering cuisines.

The Whitsundays

The Whitsunday Islands the best places in Australia, nestled in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland’s coast, are renowned for their pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luxury resorts. It has magnificent coral gardens as well as creatures like manta rays and sea turtles and visitors can swim, snorkel or scuba dive. Whitehaven Beach with its bright white silica sand beach and crystal clear water is a tourist’s delight especially the ones who are into photography and loving beaches. Hamilton Island has leisure for the families, while the islands like Hayman Island can be ideas of honeymooners. The geographic location of the Whitsunday Islands and its climatic conditions make it a perfect holiday destination for honeymooners, families, and adventure lovers searching for an Australian paradise.

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Australia Tourism : Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Australia?

The best time to visit Australia is during its spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) seasons when the weather is mild and ideal for outdoor activities.

How long should I plan for an Australia tour?

Ideally, plan for at least two weeks to cover major destinations like Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef, and either the Outback or Tasmania.

Do I need a visa to visit Australia?

Yes, most visitors need a visa to enter Australia. Check with the Australian Department of Home Affairs for specific visa requirements based on your nationality.

What are the must-see destinations in Australia?

Must-see destinations include Sydney (Opera House, Harbour Bridge), Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, and the Daintree Rainforest.

Is it safe to travel in Australia?

Yes, Australia is generally safe for tourists. Follow basic safety precautions, and you’ll have a secure and enjoyable trip.

What type of accommodation is available in Australia?

Australia has various types of accommodation ranging from 5 star hotels and-game reserves, luxurious resorts, backpacker lodges, budget lodging, and rental houses.

How do I travel between cities in Australia?

Travel between cities is convenient with domestic flights, trains, buses, and self-drive options available.

What currency is used in Australia?

The currency used in Australia is the Australian Dollar (AUD).

Are credit cards widely accepted in Australia?

Yes, credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are widely accepted in Australia.

What language is spoken in Australia?

English is the primary language spoken in Australia.

Can I use my mobile phone in Australia?

Yes, most international mobile phones will work in Australia, but check with your service provider regarding roaming charges.

What should I pack for my trip to Australia?

Pack light, comfortable clothing suitable for the season, sunscreen, a hat, swimwear, and sturdy walking shoes for outdoor activities.

Do I need travel insurance for Australia?

It’s highly recommended to have travel insurance covering medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and loss of belongings when traveling to Australia.

What are some unique experiences to try in Australia?

Some of these are experiences like snorkeling or scuba diving with the Great Barrier Reef, wine tour of the Barossa Valley, exploring indigenous cultures and wildlife tours.

Can I see wildlife in Australia?

Yes, it is true that Australia is famous for its unique animals and wildlife. These include wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas, wombats, crocodiles and various bird species that you can spot in their natural environment across the country.

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