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Spain Tour Packages From India

Embark on a journey of romance, culture, and adventure with our exclusive Spain tour packages from India. Discover the magic of this splendid European destination, which is a harmonious mix not only of the past and the present but also of the charms of modernity and ancient times, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Our completely planned Spain honeymoon package provides a fine fusion of romance and adventure as the couples explore the alluring sun-kissed beaches, antique Victorian towns, vivid metropolitan towns throbbing with the life.

From the breathtaking architecture of Barcelona, epitomized by the iconic Sagrada Família, to the cultural extravaganza of Madrid’s Prado Museum, each moment in Spain promises to be a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences. Indulge in delectable Spanish cuisine, savoring authentic paella by the Mediterranean coast or tapas in a cozy tavern tucked away in narrow cobblestone streets. Whether you’re strolling through the historic Alhambra in Granada or dancing the flamenco in Seville, let our Spain tour packages from India be your gateway to a mesmerizing adventure that transcends imagination.

Embark on a Romantic Odyssey: Spain Honeymoon Packages from India

Embark on a romantic odyssey with our exclusive Spain honeymoon packages from India. From the sun-kissed beaches of Barcelona to the majestic architecture of Madrid, immerse yourselves in the vibrant culture and captivating beauty of Spain. Indulge in intimate moments amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Andalusia, or savor delectable Spanish cuisine as you wander through charming cobblestone streets. Whether exploring the historic Alhambra in Granada or admiring the surreal architecture of Gaudí in Barcelona, let our meticulously crafted Spain tour packages From India create unforgettable memories for you and your beloved. Let Spain be the backdrop to your love story, where every moment is filled with passion and enchantment.

Experience Spain’s Splendor: Spain Holiday Packages from India

Experience the splendor of Spain with our bespoke Spain holiday packages from India. Get into the multicolored fabric of spanish life through seeing more about historical sights, brilliant cities and breathtaking views. Spain’s different cultures are expressed through its architectural wonders in Barcelona, for example, as well as the flamenco rhythms in Seville, each destination offering a different insight into the heritage of the country. Each stop has its own unique opportunity to reveal this. Indulge in gastronomic delights, from savory tapas to exquisite seafood paella, and unwind on the sun-drenched beaches of the Mediterranean coast. Whether you’re looking for some sort of adventure, relaxation, or cultural experience, you can be sure to have a trip of a lifetime, which will be full of excitement and discoveries using our Spain Tour  packages from India.

Discover Spain’s Charms: Spain Travel Packages from India

Embark on a journey of discovery with our tailored Spain travel packages from India. From the vibrant streets of Madrid to the quaint villages of Andalusia, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Spanish culture and history. Discover such landmarks as Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the Alhambra in Granada, admiring their curvaceous contours. Indulge in authentic cuisine, from tantalizing tapas to flavorful paellas, and experience the passion of flamenco dancing in Seville. Through our customized Spain tour packages From India, we will help you find your way to the unknown places that deserve to be put on your map of Spanish attractions. Besides, the itinerary will aid you in discovering the highly valued landmarks that make this country much more desirable.

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey: Spain Trip Packages from India

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Spain trip packages from India. Go and experience the vivid Barcelona streets, savour the culture in Madrid and stroll through the historical sights in Seville. From the stunning architecture of Antoni Gaudí to the mesmerizing flamenco performances, every moment in Spain is filled with excitement and charm. Indulge in delectable cuisine, from savory tapas to rich paellas, and bask in the Mediterranean sun on the beautiful beaches of Costa del Sol. Travelers, by our specially themed Spain tour packages From India, could enjoy the most of the Spain splendor, thus creating a lot of memories that last forever.

Why you should Book Spain tour packages From India with Viz Travels

When it comes to booking Spain tour packages from India, Viz Travels stands out as your ultimate choice for an unforgettable journey. With our commitment to excellence, we offer a plethora of reasons why you should entrust us with your travel plans for Spain Tourism packages:

  • Best Price Guaranteed: We ensure that you get the most competitive prices for your Spain tourism packages, without compromising on quality.
  • EMI Options: Making your dream vacation affordable, we provide convenient EMI options for hassle-free payments.
  • Customized Packages: Tailoring your itinerary to suit your preferences, our customized packages guarantee a personalized experience.
  • Hassle-free Booking: With our user-friendly booking process, planning your trip becomes effortless and stress-free.
  • Memorable Experiences: New York experience can be full of visiting landmarks or experiencing different taste through our packages, which will make your vacations memorable.
  • Destination Experts: Our team of destination specialists with deep knowledge of both travel and toursim information convey relevant advice to you for the best travel experience.
  • On-Trip Experts: Ensuring smooth operations during your trip, our on-trip experts are available to address any concerns or queries.
  • Local Experts: Take advantage of the knowledge of local experts as they share insights into the local culture and provide delightful experiences.
  • Positive Reviews: With glowing reviews from satisfied travelers, we consistently deliver exceptional service and memorable vacations.
  • 24/7 Support: Enjoy peace of mind with our round-the-clock customer support, ensuring assistance whenever you need it.

Choose Viz Travels for your Spain tour packages from India and embark on a journey filled with adventure, discovery, and unparalleled hospitality.

Best Time To Visit Spain From India

The best time to visit Spain from India depends on your preferences and budget. For the cheapest time to go to spain, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November). During these months, you can enjoy pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and lower prices on accommodations and flights. However, if you prefer warm weather and vibrant festivals, summer (June to August) is ideal despite higher costs. Conversely, winter (December to February) offers mild temperatures in southern regions like Andalusia but can be cold in the north. Ultimately, plan your visit based on your desired experiences and budget constraints.

How To Reach Spain From India

Reaching Spain from India is convenient and offers various options to suit different preferences and budgets. The primary methods include:

  • Flights: The most common and efficient way to reach Spain from India is by air. Major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore offer direct and connecting flights to popular Spanish destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Malaga. Airlines like Air India, Lufthansa, Emirates, and Qatar Airways operate regular flights between India and Spain, ensuring accessibility throughout the year.
  • Transit Hubs: Depending on your chosen airline and route, common transit hubs for flights between India and Spain include Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, and Istanbul. These hubs offer convenient connections and sometimes opportunities for layover exploration.
  • Cruise: For those seeking a leisurely and scenic journey, cruises from India to Spain via the Mediterranean Sea are available, although they are less common and may take longer than flying.

Regardless of the method chosen, planning ahead and booking tickets in advance can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey to Spain from India.

Best Place To Visit In Spain Tour

Explore the wonders of Spain tourism places, where every corner unveils a treasure trove of enchanting destinations. Whether you are fascinated by the wide streets of Barcelona or by the historical allure of Alhambra in Granada, Spain is not very content by its Best Places in Spain to visit. Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Madrid’s art scene or wander through the picturesque streets of Seville. Indulge in the culinary delights of Valencia and soak in the sun on the stunning beaches of the Costa del Sol. Blessed with its beautiful diversity and an amazing history, Spain gives tourists a time in their life with known yet hidden small treasures to be explored.


Barcelona is a bustling urban center situated in the country of Spain along the northeastern coast. This place is exquisitely famous places in Spain for a number of reasons, namely, varied architecture, rich culture, and gorgeous beaches. Visitors flock to marvel at the iconic Sagrada Família, an unfinished masterpiece by Antoni Gaudí, and wander through the whimsical Park Güell adorned with mosaic sculptures. At a time, La Rambla’s rambling walkway presents a sensory feast fabricated by its street performers, flower stalls and busy markets. For a relaxing retreat, Barceloneta Beach beckons with its golden sands and azure waters. The vibrancy of its atmosphere, the excellent food, and its spectacular monuments help Barcelona earn its place as one of the best spots in Spain, held in high appreciation by tourists from many countries.


As the dynamic capital of Spain, Madrid exudes a unique charm blending historic grandeur with modern flair. The vibrancy of its atmosphere, the excellent food, and its spectacular monuments help Barcelona earn its place as one of the best spots in Spain, held in high appreciation by tourists from many countries. Art aficionados flock to the renowned Prado Museum to admire masterpieces by Velázquez, Goya, and El Greco. The crossroads of the capital- Puerta del Sol- is full of life and entertainment every second of the day, offering shopping, dining, and many other amusements to visitors. One of the most popular activities in Madrid is definitely the nightlife. Some of the bars stay open until 6 AM and are filled with people having fun until dawn. Being the high point of the multicultural character, having a cosmopolitan sense and possessing a variety of alluring destinations, Madrid is an indispensable part of any Spanish tour.


Nestled in the heart of Andalusia, Seville enchants visitors with its Moorish architecture, vibrant festivals, and rich cultural traditions. The Alcázar of Seville is the city’s greatest pride that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for its amazing fusion of Islamic and Christian elements in its architecture. The labyrinthine streets of the Santa Cruz neighborhood beckon with their charming alleys, flower-filled patios, and cozy tapas bars. Though Seville stands for flamenco stage, people can still get the soul and the heart of this beautiful Spanish art and feel their rhythms in serene tablaos scattered around the city. By its charming beauty, old city engages, a lively atmosphere, and warm Andalusian kindness the Seville is one of the best places to be visited in Spain, providing an excellent chance to study better Spain’s cultural richness.


The city of Granada is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and has a lot of its foundation in history, arts, and natural resources which makes it the famous places in Spain to visitOut of these, Alhambra is undoubtedly the very heart of the city and a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as one of the most emblematic monuments of Spain. This impressive Alhambra Palace has some of the world’s magnificent Moorish architectural masterpieces, lush gardens and breath-taking views of the city. The Albaicín quarter, which is marked by its narrow cobblestoned streets, whitewashed houses, and quaint plazas, invites one for a trip around the centuries.Granada’s streets are full of the local people going about their day to day business and markets. This is where the traditions and lifestyle of the Andalusians are clearly shown. Secondly, the cuisines in this area are very diverse and the traditions here offer an insight into their culture. Thanks to its amazing landscapes, deep-rooted culture, and kind-hearted locals, Granada is undoubtedly the preferred city for numerous guests who enjoy the best Spain has to offer.


Valencia, a Spanish city gracing its southeastern coast, is known as the bastion of Spain’s futuristic architecture, vibrant gatherings, and extraordinary food which is among the best tourism places in Spain. The City of Arts and Sciences complex, an art architectural design of Santiago Calatrava, is a real futuristic City with museums, an opera house and an aquarium that give an impression of being from the future. The Medieval Centre of the City of Valencia is a fascinating mix of narrow roads, medieval buildings and busy squares, and it is there where visitors can visit essential landmarks such as the Valencia Cathedral and the Silk Exchange. A part of the Mediterranean coastline, Valencia’s long sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing, cooling in the shade, and swimming activities. Moreover, water sport and other sport fun activities. Maintaining its mix of traditional flavor and contemporary innovation, Valencia is the kind of city that brings together characteristic venues of Spain’s past and present.


Sitting on the spanish Costa del Sol in the south part of the country and best tourist places in Spain, Málaga is a beautiful city that is admired for its deep-rooted history, cultural heritage, and its Medierranean appeal. The starting place of Pablo Picasso, Málaga honors its most distinguished invention with Picasso Museum, housing a considerable assortment of artwork by the artist. The core of Malaga is like a journey in a maze where you have to get lost in order to find the beautiful stone houses, grandiose churches, and ancient Moorish castle or fortress, Alcazaba. The city’s colourful waterfront walkway, Paseo del Parque, with the golden Mediterranean Sea by its shore that extends from palm trees to fountains to botanical gardens. Sunny climate of Málaga, sandy beaches, and thriving night-life make the city an ideal destination for those looking forward to a good time and relaxation.

San Sebastian

Hidden away in the northern Spanish regionof the Basque Country, San Sebastián is a small town by seacoast best known for its stunning landscape, outstanding culinary arts and lively cultural life. The city’s most recognizable feature is the La Concha Beach, a beach shaped as a dolphin, set amongst the emerald mountains and blue waters. San Sebastian’s Old Town, known as ParteVieja, is a charming labyrinth of narrow streets, historic buildings, and bustling pintxo bars serving up delicious Basque tapas. The city becomes a foodie’s paradise with the countless Michelin-starred restaurants and traditional cider houses, where one can sample the authentic Basque cuisine. Located in the picturesque Basque Country, San Sebastian is famous for its natural majesty, gastronomic traditions, and vibrant cultural activities that make it the number one choice of travelers of Spain.


Situated in the tier of Andalusia is a city that is hell painted with scenes of history and culture and architectural feats which is also the top tourist attractions in Spain. The fantastic Mezquita, which is a part of the World’s Heritage sites registered in UNESCO and represents the best model of the Moorish architecture worldwide, is the most amazing royal attraction of Córdoba. The blend of blazed tusk column structure, curved mouldings, and Persian-motif tiling is simply spectacular, embracing centuries of Islamic and Christian impact.Córdoba’s historic Jewish Quarter, known as the Judería, is a picturesque maze of winding streets, flower-filled courtyards, and historic synagogues. During the city’s Patio Festival that is held yearly, Córdoba’s strong floral tradition is displayed through the locals inviting their guests into their houses wherein they can see their well-trimmed front yards. Due to its vibrant cultural heritage, outstanding architectural gems, and the unmistakable Andalusian hospitality, Cordoba is full of history, romance and dreams, which stunned millions of visitors for more than a thousand years.


Confronting the Castilian outback, Toledo, the city soaring on a hill, has become famous for being the medieval marvel because of the culture, landscape, and art it possesses. The ancient city walls extend around the UNESCO -designated historic center, where tourists can admire the most wonderful examples of architecture. The walkers of the town will enter in a strange complicated labyrinth of cobbled streets, then they admire huge churches, synagogues, and mosques, and explore important historic landmarks like the mighty Alcázar fortress and the amazing Toledo Cathedral. Along with this, Toledo is celebrated for its great artistic soul, having known world famous painters like El Greco whose testimonies are in Toledo’s churches and museums. This marvelous city, with its wealth of history, architectural masterpieces, and perpetual sense of romance, demands that world travelers not miss it when exploring Spain to the fullest.


In the Balearic Islands on the eastern coast of Spain, Ibiza, a best places in Spain

 for its amazing turquoise water, fun-filled nightlife and relaxed Mediterranean mood, is where one has to be. The island’s top-notch coasts bear a unique combination of snorkel-friendly waters, snow-white soft sands, and photogenic bays just right for tanning, frolicking, and practicing any other water sport that you can think of. The iconic nightlife scene of Ibiza captures the imagination of party people from all over the world, with famous clubs putting up celebrated DJs and electronic music festival taking place through summer In addition, the government is committed to ensuring that the benefits of decarbonization are shared equitably across all sectors of society. Unlike noisy and crowded downtown, Ibiza is ready to delight with serene villages, green forest and pretty hiking routes, thus offering so much interesting to both to relax and do sightseeing. Due to an attractive and unique combination of nature, heritage, and vivacity Ibiza definitely should be one of those places to add to your travel list when you plan an unforgettable trip to Spain’s island paradise.

Top 15 Things To Do In Spain

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Spain, where a myriad of experiences awaits. Spain, ranging from bustling cities to idyllic coastal villages, provides an abundance of activities that appeals to all kinds of travelers. Immerse yourself in the captivating past of a specific locale by visiting the famous structures such as the Sagrada Família in Barcelona and the Alhambra in Granada. Indulge in culinary delights with tapas tasting in Madrid or paella cooking classes in Valencia. Relax on sun-drenched beaches along the Costa del Sol or hike through rugged landscapes in the Pyrenees. Spain is a vast country with an amazing array of amusements and a wide spectrum of possibilities. Spain holds a spectacular journey of learning and bewilderment. We have listed down Top 15 Things To Do In Spain, so lets get started...

Visit the Alhambra

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Granada. The architectural flourish of Moorish heroes, the enchanting gardens and the panoramic views over the city give a hint of complexity and Spain’s cultural legacy.

Admire the Sagrada Familia

Marvel at the awe-inspiring masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Be amazed at its architectural detail, height of spires, and colorful stained glass windows as you explore the symbolism and craftsmanship of this iconic basilica.

Explore the Prado Museum

Step into a world of artistic wonder at the Prado Museum in Madrid. Prado contains a vast variety of European art, some of them are made from Velázquez, Goya, El Greco, and etc., but these pieces are giving us a journey into our country’s artistic heritage.

Experience Flamenco in Seville

Feel the passion and rhythm of Flamenco in Seville, the birthplace of this iconic Spanish art form. From intimate tablaos to grand performances, immerse yourself in the soul-stirring music and mesmerizing dance of Flamenco.

Wander the Albaicín

Lose yourself in the enchanting labyrinth of the Albaicín, the historic Moorish quarter of Granada. Stroll along the alleys of its white-draped streets, lined by houses decorated with colorful flowers, and marvel at the sight of the Alhambra from the outstanding views.

Relax on La Concha Beach

Unwind on the pristine shores of La Concha Beach in San Sebastian. The one-of-its-kind bay of La Concha, with its fine sand, and transparent waters, can be the ideal place for anyone who is looking to receive sun rays, take dive or just appreciate the beautiful surrounding sceneries.

Visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

Step back in time at the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, a testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage. Be astonished with the Moorish and Christian architecture mix which presents the impressive arches and the well known horseshoe-shaped columns.

Explore the Gothic Quarter

Lose yourself in the atmospheric streets of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. Immerse yourself in ancient Roman museums, medieval and gothic churches, and old palaces as you witness the history and charm of a neighbourhood which has been well preserved and still bustles with exhilarating stories.

Indulge in Tapas

Delight your taste buds with the diverse flavors of Spanish cuisine through a tapas tasting experience. Taste of a wide range of grilled breads from traditional dishes like patatas bravas to creative ones full of local ingredients.

Hike in the Sierra Nevada

Put on your trekking shoes and go into the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Range to enjoy its unparalleled rocky grandeur. The Sierra Nevada is a paradise for adventurous souls with its majestic peaks, dense forests, and winding roads, the location offers a remarkable diversity of outdoor activities.

Visit the Guggenheim Museum

Immerse yourself in contemporary art at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Established by Frank Gehry, the museum’s smoothly curved building facades are only equaled by its collection standing alongside masterpieces by artists like Tomma Abts, Marlene Dumas, and Elizabeth Peyton.

Attend La Tomatina

Join the festivities at La Tomatina, the world’s largest tomato fight held annually in Buñol. Throw yourself into the mess of thousands of participants splattering each other with generous serving of tomatoes where food, fun and friendship take a well-deserved centre stage.

Discover the Camino de Santiago

Embark on a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago, an ancient network of pilgrimage routes leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James in Santiago de Compostela. The Camino shines bright whether walking, cycling or riding horses, and the pilgrimage will take you through beautiful landscapes and through a lengthy history.

Explore the Alcázar of Segovia

Step into a fairy tale at the Alcázar of Segovia, a medieval fortress perched atop a rocky crag. A journey through it’s huge walls, amazing towers and sensational interior would also enable one to admire the scenery outside.

Enjoy Wine Tasting in Rioja

Savor the flavors of Spain’s renowned wine region with a wine tasting tour in Rioja. Sample from different types of reds and whites and rosés while you are surveying the gorgeous vineyards and historical bodegas that have been made popular around the world thanks to the Rioja region. Also, learn on the same trip the different approaches to winemaking that have made Rioja famous around the world.

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Spain Tour Packages From India : Frequently Asked Questions

What should I prepare for a trip to Spain?

Ensure you have a valid passport, travel insurance, and necessary visas if required. Familiarize yourself with Spanish customs and local transportation options.

What is the best time to tour Spain?

Spring (April to June) and fall (September to November) offer mild weather and fewer crowds, making them ideal for touring Spain.

How many days do you need to tour Spain?

Ideally, plan for at least 7-10 days to explore major cities and attractions in Spain thoroughly.

Are there any restrictions to travel to Spain?

Check current travel advisories and entry requirements, including COVID-19 regulations and visa requirements, before planning your trip to Spain.

Why is Spain famous for?

Spain is famous for her multicultural heritage, classical architecture, wide repertoire of cuisines and lively festivals.

Why Spain is the best tourist destination?

Spaniards combine culture and traditions with natural environment, and they have variety of delicious foods and wonderful people, therefore Spain is a perfect place for anyone seeking for new experiences.

What is the cheapest way to travel to Spain?

Booking flights during the shoulder seasons, utilizing budget airlines, and opting for accommodations like hostels or vacation rentals can help minimize costs when traveling to Spain.

Which month is cheapest to visit Spain?

Generally, November to February is considered the low season in Spain, offering potentially lower prices on flights and accommodations.

What food can I take to Spain?

Pack snacks like nuts, dried fruits, and granola bars for convenient on-the-go munching while exploring Spain.

What food is Spain famous for?

Spain is famous not only for its fabulous food, but also for its paella, tapas, jamon ibérico , gazpacho and churros with chocolate.

Why Spain is unique?

Spain’s uniqueness lies in its diverse cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, vibrant festivals, and warm Mediterranean climate, offering visitors an unparalleled travel experience.

What language is spoken in Spain?

The official language of Spain is Spanish (Castilian), but regional languages like Catalan, Basque, and Galician are also spoken in certain areas.

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