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Uttarakhand Tour Packages

Discover the ethereal charm of Uttarakhand with our meticulously crafted Uttarakhand tour packages. Situated in the Indian region at the base of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand is an incredible mix of landscapes, pilgrim shrines, and adventurous activities. They are a blissful abode for the ones looking for a relaxing vacation near nature, or an adventurous one for the ones who are eager to try something adventurous and daring. To meet the needs of travellers in this region, we have Uttarakhand tour packages that cover family holidays, honeymoons, and trekking.

For honeymooners, Uttarakhand unfolds like a romantic dream, with its pristine hill stations like Nainital, Mussoorie, and Ranikhet offering panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and serene lakes. Imagine strolling hand in hand amidst misty mountains or enjoying a tranquil boat ride on Naini Lake. Our Uttarakhand honeymoon packages are designed to create unforgettable moments against this picturesque backdrop, ensuring privacy, comfort, and romance. So why wait to book our Uttarakhand tour packages today!

Beyond its romantic allure, Uttarakhand beckons adventurers with thrilling activities such as trekking in the Himalayas, white-water rafting in Rishikesh, and wildlife safaris in Jim Corbett National Park. Others can visit headquarters of sons of cult worshipping in temples at Haridwar and at Rishikesh deep rooted with spirituality and natural scenery.

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, a family vacation, or a solo retreat, our Uttarakhand tour packages promise an enriching experience amidst nature’s bounty. Embark on a journey to Uttarakhand and immerse yourself in its timeless charm and vibrant culture.

Embark on a Journey of Love: Uttarakhand Honeymoon Packages

Experience the perfect blend of romance and serenity with our Uttarakhand honeymoon packages. Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, Uttarakhand offers idyllic hill stations like Nainital, Mussoorie, and Ranikhet, where every moment is imbued with magic. Scenic landscapes, beautiful lakes and captivating mountains provide lovable scenery where couples can share romantic moments and build memorable memories.

Our Uttarakhand honeymoon packages are meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless and romantic escape. Whether it’s a leisurely boat ride on Naini Lake, exploring the quaint streets of Mussoorie, or indulging in delicious local cuisine, every detail is designed to enhance your experience. Bring the essence of love to life, and let Uttarakhand be the canvas for this love story, where every waking day is a new chapter of togetherness. So book your dream holiday with our best crafted Uttarakhand tour packages.

Explore the Himalayan Gem: Uttarakhand Holiday Packages

Welcome to Uttarakhand, a paradise nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, offering an enchanting blend of natural beauty and spiritual serenity. Our Uttarakhand holiday packages invite you to discover this picturesque state, renowned for its pristine hill stations, ancient temples, and thrilling adventure opportunities.

Whether you seek a peaceful retreat amidst pine forests and snow-capped peaks or crave the excitement of river rafting in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand has something for every traveler. Explore the vibrant markets of Dehradun, embark on a spiritual journey in Haridwar, or rejuvenate amidst the tranquil surroundings of Auli. You are welcome to visit this beautiful Indian state through our specially designed Uttarakhand holiday packages that cater to all types of tourists – lovers of serene hill stations and magnificent temples or adrenaline junkies in search of unforgettable adventure experiences. Book our Uttarakhand tour packages Today!

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey: Uttarakhand Travel Packages

Explore the enchanting territory of Uttaranchal where nature opens its biggest treasures in every area. Uttarakhand travel package also implies a chance to unveil this stunning part of the Himalayas – mountains covered with snow, beautiful valleys, and clear rivers. From the trekker who is interested in the Garhwal Himalayas treks to the spiritual traveler that comes to visit Rishikesh, the abode of yoga, and Haridwar-the doorway to the divine, Uttarakhand represents the transformative travel destination. For instance while Nainital and Mussoorie are famous Hlill stations, Auli is a place that depicts sheer tranquility and Jim Corbett National Park is a sanctuary that nests different species of wild animals. Engage with the locals and be able to taste the many wonderful foods, as well as take some time to relax while admiring the stunning views. Here you will find yourself at the right place for the best Uttarakhand tour packages for a fulfilling tour experience.

Embark on an Adventure: Explore Uttarakhand Trip Packages

Explore tourist attractions in Uttarakhand through our specially selected Uttarakhand Trip packages that encompass our nature and culture. Uttarakhand, situated in the snowy mountains of northern India, is a perfect place for travelers who are in love with nature and touring. The Uttarakhand tour packages provided by us enable holidaymakers to have leisure time amid stunning places while allowing them to explore the adventurous side of holidaying.

Be it the tranquil beauty of Nainital, the spiritual Gift of the Ganges Rishikesh, each place in Uttarakhand has its own charm. Witness great history and mystery in the ruins of several great temples or step into dense forests for adventurous trekking sessions. So, if you are planning a tour to Uttarakhand with family or friends, a honeymoon trip, or just a lone journey, we have Uttarakhand tour packages for all interests and offer a fascinating region to explore in this beautiful state. Allow yourself to be enchanted by Uttarakhand that offers unique beauty and tourist attractions that make your experience in Uttarakhand amazing.

Why you should Book Uttarakhand tour packages with Viz Travels

Immerse yourself in a journey with Viz Travels in Uttarakhand – it makes them come alive for you, for you become a part of it. Our Uttarakhand Tour packages are the best in terms of pricing, better than other service providers in the market and come with guaranteed price drop on all bookings. Still, there’s a comfort when having EMI options available and coming up with Uttarakhand tour packages for your desired products that meet the specific requirement of your wallet.

When booking for Uttarakhand tour packages with Viz Travels, you get a travel experience that is customized right from the initial stage to the end, all thanks to our hardworking team of destination advisory. Whether you are boating in the tranquil waters of Nainital or hiking in the mountains of Auli, our on-trip and local assistance guides ensure a seamless experience on the trip.

The Viz Travels has a positive reputation among tourists and provides them with 24/7 customer support to help them arrange the best trip possible. Embark on a journey to experience the splendours of Uttarakhand with complete confidence as Viz Travels is most likely to turn your journey into words to remember.Book your Uttarakhand tourism packages with Viz Travels today and embark on a journey that exceeds expectations and creates lasting memories.

Best time to visit Uttarakhand

Planning your visit to Uttarakhand? Discover the best time to explore this enchanting state amidst the Himalayas. The best time to visit Uttarakhand typically spans from March to June and September to November, offering pleasant weather ideal for sightseeing, trekking, and outdoor activities. During these months, the hills are lush green, the weather is moderate, and festivals like Holi and Diwali add cultural vibrancy to your trip.

For budget-conscious travelers, the cheapest time to go to Uttarakhand is during the monsoon season from July to September. While rainfall can be heavy, this period offers discounted rates on accommodations and fewer crowds, making it a serene time to visit if you don’t mind occasional showers.

Whether you prefer the blooming spring landscapes, the clear skies of autumn, or the peaceful ambiance of monsoon, Uttarakhand’s diverse seasons ensure there’s something for every traveler. Plan your visit accordingly to make the most of your Uttarakhand experience, whether you seek adventure, spirituality, or simply a tranquil escape into nature’s embrace.

How To Reach Uttarakhand

Getting to Uttarakhand is convenient with multiple transport options. For those traveling by air, the closest airports are in Dehradun, Pantnagar, and Jolly Grant (near Rishikesh). From major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, direct flights are available to these airports. If you prefer train travel, Uttarakhand is well-connected via rail, with major stations like Dehradun, Haridwar, and Kathgodam serving various parts of the state. For road travelers, Uttarakhand offers scenic highways and well-maintained roads, accessible from neighboring states and major cities. Whether by air, rail, or road, reaching Uttarakhand ensures a smooth journey into the lap of the Himalayas. Book your Uttarakhand tour packages now!!

Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand Tour

Uttarakhand, the land of Gods and the city of Desire, is an unexplored gem that lies in the northern part of India that boasts ornate scenic beauty and tranquility for tourists. Starting from the Nainital lake which is famous for being serene to the religious town of Rishikesh on the banks of sacred Ganga, Uttarakhand tourism places are unique and captivating. Hike through the beautiful alpine region of Valley of Flowers National Park covered with stunning flowers or take a religious tour in Haridwar where the sacred Ganges is flowing.

Skiing lovers will definitely choose Auli which is inviting with the untouched slopes for skiing and captivating view of the Himalayan mountains. The charming Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India and provides amazing wildlife safaris through the dense forests and wildlife here. Uttarakhand’s best places to visit are full of exciting opportunities irrespective of whether you desire solitude, the zeal for an adventurous endeavor, or cultural tourism. Plan your Uttarakhand tour to discover these iconic destinations and immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of this Himalayan state. We have listed down the top 10 Best Places in Uttarakhand to visit:


Nainital is located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand which is among the Best Places in Uttarakhand to visit and is most famous for its Naini Lake which is the focal point of tourists attraction in the town. Fishing, sailing on the lake and marveling at its ability to reflect the sloping hills is something a tourist would expect to find in this well known attraction in the region of Uttarakhand. This temple is situated on the northern edge of the lake as well as on a steep hill and provides splendid views of the town and the Himalayas in the distance. Mall Road, thus named due to the shops, restaurants and colonial architecture is the shopping & eating street of Shimla. The Snow View Point and Naina Peak are some of the most beautiful and best places to visit in Uttarakhand and capture the snow-capped Himalayan ranges and the town.


Mussoorie is also called the ‘Queen of the Hills,’ is a beautiful vista in the Indian state of Uttrakhand. It lures tourists due to its better climate, magnificent view of the Garhwal Himalayas range and British UK architecture. One of the most popular tourist attraction in Uttarakhand region is Gun Hill, which can be reached through an adventurous cable car ride providing interiors of valleys and peaks. Kempty Falls, which is on the outskirts, also has a good reputation as a nice place for tom take a picnic and to enjoy the water of this waterfall. Mall Road is the primary road lined with buildings, retail outlets, cafés, and vantage points ideal for strolling and exploring the town at ease.


Rishikesh is quite famous globally for its yoga which is also the reason for its title of being World Yoga Capital and is among the most preferred spiritual and adventure tourism places in Uttarakhand. The quiet town is known for a plethora of ashrams focusing on yoga and meditation sessions for the souls that arrived from different parts of the world. Apart from the spiritual activities, travellers seek thrilling experiences of river rafting, bungee jumping, and adventurous treks in the neighbouring forests and hills. The iconic suspension bridges of Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula offer panoramic views of the river which makes it the most famous places to visit in Uttarakhand and are adorned with bustling markets, ashrams, and temples along their span.


Haridwar, literally meaning “Gateway to God,” is one of the holiest cities in India and a significant pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand. It is among the most famous places in Uttarakhand. Located where the Ganges River emerges from the Himalayas, Haridwar is renowned for the daily Ganga Aarti performed at Har ki Pauri ghat, a mesmerizing ritual that draws pilgrims and tourists alike. Mansa Devi Temple and Chandi Devi Temple, perched on hilltops accessible by cable cars, offer panoramic views of the city and the river. The Bharat Mata Mandir, dedicated to Mother India, whis is among the Best Uttarakhand places to visit, showcases a unique map of the country carved in marble. Haridwar is also known for its Kumbh Mela, a massive religious gathering held every 12 years, attracting millions of devotees for a spiritual dip in the sacred river.

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park also known as the first National Park of India is located in the state of Uttarakhand and is a most famous tourist places in Uttarakhand for the wildlife and nature lovers. Located in northeastern India, this park is one of the most popular wildlife reserves characterized by the presence of Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, and many other animals as well as various bird species; it is named after the English hunter turned conservationist, Jim Corbett. Jeep and elephant safaris are some of the ways that allow the visitors to make a tour in different parts of the park such as the forests and grasslands, rivers and lakes among others. Which makes it the most famous tourism places in Uttarakhand. Dhikala and Bijrani zones are the most famous zones for wildlife tour and bird watching and offer the chance to the tourists to have exciting & adventurous Jungle Safari amidst lush green forests and picture book landscapes.


Nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas, Auli offers tourists deep natural beauty, lush green plains, snowy slopes and a thrilling skiing experience in the state of Uttarakhand. That is why it is regarded as among the most visiting places in Uttarakhand. Prominent for skiing and picturesque views of the majestic Himalayas, Auli has become the ultimate voyager and adventurous destination. The Auli Artificial Lake with coniferous surrounding forests and act as skiing center in winter season and as pleasant walk in summer season. The picturesque Auli Ropeway is an astonishing cable car tour which is one of the longest of its kind in Asia and spans across the snow coated mountains, offering a view of the green valleys below which makes this the most visiting Uttarakhand tourist spots. Nearby, trekking routes to Gurson Bugyal and Kuari Pass allow visitors to immerse themselves in the meadows and have a fantastic view of the Himalayan ranges along with many rare species of flora and fauna.


Champawat as one of the picturesque towns situated in the hill region of Kumaon region of Uttrakhand, it also has historical importance which is why it is among the most visited Uttarakhand tourism places. Among them, Champawat Fort – an old fortress which was the center of the Chand dynasty, let people have a look into the historical aspect of the region. Another significant place of interest in Champawat is the Baleshwar Temple of Lord Shiva as the architecture of the temple is quite fine. Surrounded by lush greenery and panoramic views of the Himalayas, Champawat is an ideal destination for offbeat tourism in Uttarakhand, offering tranquility and a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage.


Chopta, nicknamed as ‘Mini Switzerland,’ is a charming place nestled in the region of Garhwal, in Uttarakhand. It is among the most admired tourist places in Uttarakhand for trekking, birding as well as nature lover nestled in the lap of Himalayas, famous for its panorama views which is a picturesque, intact region of alpine meadows. The trek to Tungnath Temple, the highest Lord Shiva temple in the world and further to finishing the trek to Chandrashila Peak is fascinating where a number of snow-clad mountains and lush green valleys can be seen. The colorful and rich bio-diversity of the region, particularly the Himalayan bio-system, attracts bird watchers, photo tourists and travelers who fancy the exotic wildlife of the natural heritage of Uttarakhand.


This beautiful hill station is located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand and is famously known as the ‘Queen’s Meadow’. Situated amidst the majestic beauty of the natural scenery with pleasant climate and enchanting view of the Himalayan peaks, Ranikhet is also best visiting places in Uttarakhand exposing the magic of natural beauty for a relaxed and rejuvenated state of mind. The popular tourist sites are the Ranikhet golf course which provides scenic views of the rolling mountains and the valleys and Jhula Devi Temple, considered to be the ancient temple with wooden work that enshrines bauble legends. This makes Ranikhet a haven for nature lovers with large pine forests, orchards, and lovely meadows ideal for nature walks, picnics, and excursions to witness the area’s natural endowment.

Valley of Flowers

The valley of flowers which is one of the famous places in Uttarakhand to visit is located in the Nanda Devi biosphere reserve in the state of Uttarakhand, north of the Himalayas is one of the most breathtaking natural beauties that one can think of. Renowned for its flowers especially during the monsoon season when the snow – clad mountains frame delicate blossoms of alpine flowers, this valley is a wonder to behold for its bursts of intense colors and heady aromas. Tourists visiting this virtually well known site in Uttarakhand go on an adventurous trek to visit Hemkund Sahib, an important Sikh shrine that lies amidst towering snow clad peaks of the Garhwal Himalaya and take a closer look at various bio diversities that are endemic to this probably one of the most beautiful natural systems in the world. The Valley of Flowers is renowned for its tranquility, natural beauty, and unique biodiversity, making it a Best Uttarakhand places to visit for those seeking an unforgettable adventure in Uttarakhand.

Top 15 Things To Do In Uttarakhand

Exploring Uttarakhand is a fabulous way of exploring one’s self within the bosom of Himalayas, every corner of which is filled with divine charm as well as adventurous phenomena. The land of the gods, Uttarakhand, is located in Northern India and boasts of snowy mountain ranges, lush green meadows, and chaste river systems. Referred to as the ‘land of lakes and mountains’, this state has some of the most breathtaking treks to thrilling river rafting expeditions. Go for spiritual tours to Haridwar, get a sighting of wildlife on Jeep Safari at Jim Corbett National Park or skiing at Auli. From finding your own serenity among the hills to exploring history steeped temples or fending exciting adventures in the wilderness, Uttrakhand never ceases to amaze with its alluring beauty. If you are looking to read the best travel guide of the Top 15 Things To Do In Uttarakhand, strap yourself in for a soul and sensory ride!


Contrary to many perceptions, Uttarakhand does not only precipitate treks but also ranges from easy strolls to high altitude treks in the Himalayas. With Roopkund, Valley of flowers hike, and Kuari Pass trails, get enthralled with what the wilderness has to offer – the forests, the falls, and the spectacular views of the mountains.

River Rafting in Rishikesh

Explore the adventurous white-water rafting in the Ganges at Rishikes – rightly known as the adventure capital of India. From easy stretching to bungee jumping, which are spread across spectacular backdrops of the mighty Himalayas, adventurers can select as per their desire.

Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh

Discover the ways of spiritual healing with yoga and meditation tourism in Rishikesh. In the calm background of the Ganges, ashrams, and yoga centers can be found practices that captivate the spirit, body, and intellect.

Wildlife Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Go on wildlife tours to see the Royal Bengal tigers, the elephants, and other wildlife in their natural habitats. Some special areas include the Dhikala forest and the Bijrani range for amazing wildlife experiences and terrific bird watching.

Boating in Nainital

Take a boat ride on the calm waters of Naini Lake while enjoying the beautiful landscape of hills and the great architectural structures of the colonial period. Sailing in Nainital is another refreshing form of leisure travelling amidst the splendid backdrop of the Himalayas.

Skiing in Auli

Auli becomes the skiing sensation during winters; the slopes here are designed to suit both the amateurs and professionals. Skiing, you will enjoy the views of the majestic Garhwal Himalayas and ski down the untouched snowy slopes.

Attend the Ganga Aarti in Haridwar

Experience the Ganga Aarti at Har ki Pauri ghat in Haridwar, which is an amazing feeling that touches your soul and brings out the spiritual values in you amidst the holy water of Ganga.

Visit Temples and Spiritual Sites

Some of the tourist attraction sites in Uttarakhand are religious shrines and temples like Badrinath, kedarnath and Gangotri. Discover these holy sites in the Himalayas to understand its values from cultural and religious perspectives.

Camping in Chopta

Experience the beauty of Chopta through camping in the forests and camping in snow capped meadows. Chopta is particularly apt for nature enthusiasts as well as trekkers since it has the capability to offer a flat terrain with snow covered peaks on hinterland.

Paragliding in Mukteshwar and Ranikhet

Give your adrenaline rush a flight with the paragliding in the skies of Mukteshwar and the skies of Ranikhet. Fly over the Himalayas, and witness the towering peaks as well as the gorgeous valleys all at once.

Explore Caves in Dehradun

Those interested in exploring caves, there are some outstanding ones in Dehradun including the Robber’s Cave and the Sahastradhara caves. These caves are beautiful and provide one with an atmosphere to meditate beside stunning formations of rocks and waterfalls.

Visit the Valley of Flowers National Park

Experience an alpine flora extravaganza on a trek through the Valley of Flowers National Park, best done in monsoon. This World Heritage Site is one of the gorgeous and beautiful places of Abkhazia that attracts many tourists and photographers especially those who love nature.

Shopping in Local Markets

Visit towns and cities of Uttarakhand and find out shopping markets where local items include handicrafts, woolens and mementos. Mall Road in Mussoorie and Nainital’s Tibetan Market are popular spots for shopping amidst scenic surroundings.

Bird Watching in Pangot

Pangot, near Nainital, is a haven for birdwatchers with its rich avian diversity. Spot rare Himalayan bird species amidst oak and rhododendron forests, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

Cable Car Ride in Mussoorie

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Garhwal Himalayas with a cable car ride in Mussoorie. Glide over lush valleys and forests, taking in panoramic vistas of snow-capped peaks and colonial architecture.

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Uttarakhand Tourism : Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Uttarakhand?

The best time to visit Uttarakhand is from March to June and September to November, when the weather is pleasant for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

How many days are ideal for an Uttarakhand tour?

An ideal Uttarakhand tour usually ranges from 5 to 7 days, allowing you to explore key destinations like Nainital, Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Jim Corbett National Park.

What are the must-visit places in Uttarakhand?

Must-visit places in Uttarakhand include Nainital, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Jim Corbett National Park, Auli, and the Valley of Flowers.

Are Uttarakhand tour packages customizable?

Yes, Uttarakhand tour packages are customizable according to your preferences for destinations, activities, accommodation, and duration.

What type of accommodations are available in Uttarakhand?

Accommodations in Uttarakhand range from budget guesthouses and homestays to luxury resorts and hotels offering scenic views of mountains and lakes.

What should I pack for an Uttarakhand trip?

Pack comfortable clothing suitable for the season, trekking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera to capture the breathtaking landscapes.

Is Uttarakhand safe for solo travelers and families?

Yes, Uttarakhand is generally safe for solo travelers and families. Exercise standard precautions and respect local customs for a pleasant experience.

What are the transportation options within Uttarakhand?

Transportation options include taxis, buses, and private cars for intercity travel, while local sightseeing often includes walking, rickshaws, and cable cars.

Do I need any permits to visit certain areas in Uttarakhand?

Permits may be required for certain restricted areas and wildlife reserves like Jim Corbett National Park. Your tour operator can assist with obtaining permits.

Are there any adventure activities included in tour packages?

Yes, adventure activities such as river rafting, trekking, skiing (in season), paragliding, and wildlife safaris are often included in Uttarakhand tour packages.

What kind of food can I expect on the trip?

Uttarakhand offers a variety of cuisine ranging from traditional Garhwali dishes to North Indian and continental fare, with options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences.

How can I book a tour package to Uttarakhand?

You can book a tour package to Uttarakhand through travel agencies, online travel platforms, or directly with tour operators offering customizable packages.

What are the payment options for booking a tour package?

Payment options typically include online transactions via credit/debit cards, net banking, and sometimes cash or bank transfers, depending on the tour operator’s policies.

Are there any discounts available on Uttarakhand tour packages?

Yes, discounts and special offers on Uttarakhand tour packages are often available during off-peak seasons or through promotional deals offered by tour operators.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my tour package?

Refund policies for tour packages vary; it’s essential to check cancellation terms with your tour operator before booking.

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