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Mauritius Tourism Packages

Tours usually involve visits to popular attractions such as national parks, beaches, and museums, as well as activities like snorkeling, hiking, and mountain biking. Additionally, Mauritius Tourism Packages provides various accommodation options for different budgets. 

Feature a wide range of Mauritius tour packages from different Indian cities like: Mauritius tour packages from Delhi, Mauritius tour packages from Mumbai, Mauritius tour packages from Surat,Mauritius tour packages from Chennai, Mauritius tour packages from Bangalore, Mauritius Tour Packages from Ahmedabad, Mauritius Tour Package from Kolkata, Mauritius Tour Package from Hyderabad, Mauritius Tour Package from Pune

Depending on your preference, some tour packages even offer day cruises with sightseeing options like sailing and dolphin-watching tours. These packages also provide cultural exchanges with locals and cuisine experiences tailored for what you’re looking for—from traditional Mauritian dishes to delicious seafood specialties.

So if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to explore Mauritius, consider adding good Mauritius tourism packages or two to your itinerary!

Why You Should Book Mauritius Tour Packages With Viz Travels​

Mauritius has so much to offer, from stunning beaches and stunning sunsets to amazing wildlife and vibrant culture. To make sure you get the most out of your Mauritius honeymoon packages experience, why not consider taking a tour with Viz Travels?

  • Viz Travels offers a range of small-group tours and private, custom tours designed to maximize the experience. All their tours are led by an experienced guide who can show you all the beauty Mauritius has to offer. Plus, their guides are passionate about their country and culture and will help you experience it in all its glory.
  • With Viz Travels, you can experience top attractions like Tamarin Bay or Île aux Cerfs Island by catamaran or explore the famous Chazarain waterfall on foot. Viz Travel has the best Mauritius package from India. They also offer cultural experiences such as relaxing at a spice garden and taking a stroll through a traditional Mauritian village.
  • No matter what type of traveler you are, there’s something for everyone in Mauritius – whether it’s lazing on beaches or getting an up close look at nature – and Viz Travels can help make your trip even more special!

Best Time To Visit Mauritius​

If you’re looking to plan an unforgettable trip to Mauritius, it’s important to note the best time to visit the Island from India. Generally speaking,the cheapest time to go to Mauritius is between May and December.

The island experiences summer months between November and April, which usually brings more rainfall. The winter months of June-September are usually dry and breezy. During this time, temperatures range from a low of 22C/71F up to a comfortable 32C/89F maximum.

For scuba divers or anyone looking to make the most out of Mauritius’ stunning coral reefs and crystal clear blue waters, the months from May-October are considered the most ideal for underwater exploration and other water activities like swimming and snorkeling. April is also a great month for whale watching with humpback whales being spotted close by.

So whether you’re planning an outdoorsy getaway or want to soak up some sun by relaxing on the beach, you can find plenty of ways to make the most out of your trip with a little bit of careful planning!

Best Places To Visit In Mauritius​

You’ve finally booked your long-awaited vacation to Mauritius! This beautiful island country in the Indian Ocean is home to stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush rain forests. With so much to see and do, it can be hard to decide where to start.

To help you make the most of your getaway, we’ve put together a list of top 10 tourist places in Mauritius. From the busy streets of Port Louis to the white-sand beaches of Trou aux Biches, these are some of our favorite spots on the island.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip now and discover all the  Mauritius tourism places.

Grand Baie: Paradise on the Coast​

Mauritius is a country that is blessed with natural beauty. From the picturesque coastlines to the lush interior, this nation has something to offer everyone.

One of the most popular destinations on the island is Grand Baie. This town is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. The water is a deep blue and the sand is white and soft. The town also offers plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars for visitors to enjoy.

Le Morne Brabant: A Breath of Fresh Air​

When it comes to natural beauty, Le Morne Brabant is definitely a standout destination in Mauritius. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a mountain that rises steeply from the Indian Ocean, with sheer cliffs on one side and a dramatic coastline on the other.

What makes Le Morne so special is its unspoiled beauty. It’s one of the few places on the island where you can still find quiet, isolated beaches and crystal-clear waters. And because it’s such a popular spot for kiteboarding and windsurfing, there’s always a lively atmosphere here.

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure and some breathtaking views, then make sure to add Le Morne to your list of Mauritius tourist attractions.

Chamarel: Mysterious Colored Earth and Waterfalls​

When in Mauritius, a visit to Chamarel is a must. It comes under Mauritius famous places. This is where you’ll find the Mysterious Colored Earth and Waterfalls. The unusual colored earth is a result of different types of volcanic rock, and the seven different colors are a stunning sight to behold.

The waterfalls here are also worth a visit, as they cascade over black lava rocks into a bright blue pool below. It’s no wonder that this spot is often cited as one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Black River Gorges National Park: Wildlife Encounters​

Heading deep into the wild spaces of Mauritius brings you to the Black River Gorges National Park. This park spans across 6,754 hectares of lush and spectacular terrain, offering a gateway to a thriving ecosystem that is full of incredible wildlife.

From macaques and boars to kestrels and pink pigeons, there’s something amazing to be found in every corner of this dynamic ecosystem. It’s important to note that while these creatures are fascinating and beautiful, they should also be respected and left undisturbed during your visit.

The Black River Gorges National Park is an excellent place to go explore the diverse flora and fauna in Mauritius, with nature trails that offer a great way to discover what this area has to offer. It is one of the places to visit in Mauritius with family. Even if you don’t spot any animals, you will definitely love the breathtaking views of waterfalls, lakes, gorges and hills.

Île Aux Cerfs: Tropical Island Vibes​

Looking for a spot to lose yourself in paradise? Look no further than Île Aux Cerfs, a tiny island with some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll find anywhere. One of the best places to visit in Mauritius for a honeymoon. This tropical paradise is just off the east coast of Mauritius and features pristine white sand, crystal-clear turquoise waters and lush greenery.

The best way to explore the island is by renting a car or scooter and driving around its circumference. As you drive, take in the breathtaking views of the white sand beaches, palm trees and rocky cliffs. Stop along the way for some delicious seafood and refreshments at one of the many beachfront restaurants.

For those looking for an even more picturesque spot, you can also climb up to one of the panoramic viewpoints near Le Morne where you can see an incredible view of Île Aux Cerfs and its surroundings. With such incredible views, it’s easy to see why this is one of Mauritius’ most popular destinations.

Port Louis: The Cultural Heart of Mauritius​

At the very heart of Mauritius lies the island’s charming capital, Port Louis. Here, you can explore a unique blend of cultures and influences; reflections of the city’s history as a strategic port and colonial trading post.

From vibrant markets to stunning architecture, there’s plenty to see and do in Port Louis. Start by exploring an array of colonial-era buildings; wander towards the Aapravasi Ghat museum to discover more about the fascinating history of indenture immigration.

Once you’ve seen the sights loom over the medina-style streets or pay a visit to The Champ de Mars Racecourse: the oldest horse racing track in the Southern Hemisphere. Enjoy a spot of retail therapy at Caudan Waterfront before taking in some live music or dinner theater at La Place D’Armes or Le Suffren Hotel & Marina.

Belle Mare: Perfect Private Island In Mauritius​

If you’re looking for an ultimate beach experience, then the East Coast town of Belle Mare is the perfect place. The coastline is a stunning white sand beach, fringed by crystal clear turquoise waters and sheltered by a reef which makes it ideal for swimming.

Belle Mare is known as a private island, with resorts and facilities that provide excellent accommodation and dining options. One of the area’s main attractions is its wildlife watching opportunities; you’ll find rare birds in the woodlands that line the coast, along with dolphins and whales in their natural environment.

The town also offers some of Mauritius’ most beautiful golf courses, perfect for those who are looking to hit a few balls during their holiday. There are also plenty of watersports available, such as sailing and snorkeling, or you can even take to the skies for an unforgettable parasailing experience.

Grand Baie: Must Visit Place in Mauritius​

One place you must check out in Mauritius is Grand Baie, a coastal lagoon town on the northwest end of the island. It’s the most popular tourist destination and one of the best places to visit in Mauritius for couples on the island, with plenty of things to do like snorkeling and swimming, as well exploring the nearby islands.

Grand Baie also boasts an array of shops and food stalls, as well as an exciting nightlife. Enjoy a cool drink while watching a stunning sunset over the bay, or take a boat tour to see some of Mauritius’s most beautiful sights.

With plenty of activities in Grand Baie, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular places to visit in Mauritius! Experience this charming fishing town, explore the vibrant markets and taste some delicious local food all while getting an authentic cultural experience.


All in all, here are the list of tourist places in mauritius. Mauritius is a breathtakingly beautiful and diverse country, with plenty of things to see and do. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or a foodie, you’ll find something to excite you in this island paradise. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Mauritius today!

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